Women Really Faster Aging Skin?

It is inevitable that men will generally look more authoritative when he started to grow, whereas women with age will look look older. The latest results also explain that her skin will grow old faster than the skin of male.

By using a laser imaging technique, the researchers were able to see the deeper layers of skin and can further assess the amount of damage caused by sun exposure and the aging process.

Picture of collagen and elastin decline causing wrinkled skin and loss of smoothness, and looks that women will experience a loss of collagen faster than men.

Collagen is a group of proteins found in the dermis layer, which is a layer of connective tissue in the skin which have the ability to strengthen the skin. The body will make a lot of collagen as a young age, then production will continue to decline as we age.

Currently, dermatology experts from Friedrich Schiller University, studied German many collagen network in the dermis of patients by means take it and do research under the microscope. Then they assess the collagen content.

Generally, the amount of collagen and elastin as well as the physical appearance of the dermis in accordance with the patient’s age. It was also associated with gender, where the skin gets old faster women when compared with men. The statement also included in the journal Optics Letters. With these techniques, it is hoped one day be used to analyze skin disease that affects collagen.