Various Kinds of Diseases

Without realizing it, all kinds of diseases can exist around us. The house that we consider to be the most convenient place could potentially cause illnesses. Diseases do not know where, do not know the time and did not know the age limit will he attack. Anyone can be attacked by various diseases in the body. In fact, it is not uncommon someone can harbor more than one disease in the body.

The more careless human health and the environment yourself, the easier diseases approached him. Many diseases that exist in this world are caused by viruses and bacteria that may come from the environment and unhealthy lifestyle.

Viruses and bacteria can breed comes in the body when the body does not realize that in fact we’re not in fine condition. That’s why, all kinds of diseases that we never expected at all, can invade our bodies

Viruses and bacteria are both something that can not be seen with the naked eye. That’s why, no one can see with the naked eye when viruses or bacteria enter our body. Next thing you know, dangerous bacteria or viruses that are residing and undermine our body slowly.

So, what is meant by viruses and bacteria? Are Viruses and bacteria are the same? Viruses are microscopic parasite that infects cells of biological organisms. A virus can only reproduce in living material by attacking and utilizing living cells because the virus does not have cellular equipment and the ability to reproduce itself.

While bacteria are common Indonesian term than micro biological animals are also called by the name of germs. Usually carry germs germs. So it is clear that the viruses and bacteria that is different but equally as a source of various diseases.

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