That Reproductive Health Investments

The population of Indonesian women earning more than men. This means that the woman is a resource that supports the advancement of Indonesia. Therefore, women should be aware that he is a worthwhile investment.

Investment is not only in material capital but rather social capital, physical, psychological and mental. Established social investment include improved quality of life for women in education, reproductive health and family planning.

Why is the quality of life of women’s education should be improved? According to some experts, the lower the intelligence gene to their children are women. Therefore, education for women is very important that he has a sufficient level of knowledge so that it can intelligently raising her children.

Meanwhile, with the increasing knowledge of women it also increases the knowledge on how to maintain their reproductive health so that babies conceived and born of the best quality.

Moreover, the world economic crisis has not abated. Drizzle crisis now looks mediocre, can suddenly turn into a storm.

Well, with this condition the quality of reproductive health, women’s education and skills are valuable social capital to reduce poverty and improve the well-being, resilience and self-sufficiency of the family.

Many families who head families affected by layoffs, can rise from the economic slump because his wife was able to optimize all the potential and creativity held for the development of women’s economic productivity.

So in the case of the economy, investment in women and girls in the current financial crisis will pave the way for economic recovery, press inequality and poverty. Because it is also a lot of leaders who pushed the issue to make the health and rights of women as an economic development priority.

Return to the importance of investing in women’s health including reproductive health. In this case a woman has an important role in shaping the character and quality of the next generation.

The potential and the quality of human resources is influenced by the health of the mother, even before the pregnancy has not been started.

The nutritional status prior to pregnancy is one factor that affects the quality of the baby to be born. Women with nutritional status and good health will be able to deliver a healthy baby and has the potential optimal intelligence.

Besides women’s knowledge of the various diseases associated with the reproductive organs will also limit the birth of babies-sorry-defect.

Once the importance of reproductive health problems that make held a talk show about the importance of knowing and respecting women’s reproductive health.