New Smartphone Application for Holiday Fun

ALREADY have an application to help your holiday trip? Do not miss it because now present some new applications are no less powerful for your smart phone. And certainly going to make the holiday even more memorable.

1. Air France Music

This may be an aircraft application of the most entertaining. Yes, the application of the latest Air France combines a music player and games. The application is now not only yersedia on the plane. Web users now play their favorite tracks in a cloud above just by lifting their Iphone.

The songs were captured can then be added to the playlist. Music available will vary according to the route. In fact, there are some songs that have never been released. Mobile: Iphone, Ipad

2. Fotopedia Wild Friends

This application is a library of photographs made by Fotonauts Inc. after Fotopedia National Parks, Heritage, North Korea, and others. This app is packed with a collection of photos of wild animals, educational information, as well as the story behind the photo.

In addition, pictures of animals diseuaikan with maps, including the location and wildlife in Europe. Mobile: Iphone, Ipad

3. Xe Currency

It is one that will help you convert your currency secvara accurate. Aside from being a currency conversion application accurately, Xe Currency also inform the history of currency.

You can monitor different currencies simultaneously and assess cyber highs and lows of the currency even before planning a trip. This application can also be used offline. Mobile: Iphone, Ipad, Android

4. SeatGuru

Indeed, many applications that offer flight booking the cheapest tickets, but not much information is quite important as the distance to the toilet or width bench seat. Applications are developed by SeatGuru TripAdvisor has those details.

Not only flight search, but also on the position of the bench. Green is a good seat and red bad. When clicked, a pop-up box gives advice and information easy to choose a seat. Mobile: Apple, Android

5. Waze

Before you decide to cross the country in traffic, hippocampus first application. This application provides traffic updates that show jams, police, accidents, and other hazards.

The application also saves costs by comparing prices of gas stations along your route or your surroundings. Services include more than 100 countries such as USA, Canada, England, Italy, Ecuador, and Israel. Mobile: Apple, Android

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