Determine Face Shape Shape bun

In a great show titled national or other official, the women are usually synonymous with the use of a bun in their hair look, especially at a party attended by important people. Bun hairstyle is certainly capable of giving a distinct impression and make your appearance can seem more different.

According Andiyanto, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist expert, everyone has different facial structures and not all bun suitable applied on each face. For maximum results, the lack of the face can be camouflaged by applying proper bun. To get a bun that suits your facial structure, check out the following tips from Andiyanto.

Face width

Women who have a wide face structure should be put on the bottom bun. Do not pull the hair up, because it will make the face look wider. In order to get an impression of more gaunt, half ear cover with her hair and give volume at the center of the head to give the illusion of a long chin.

Short neck

The owners of a short neck, do not let your hair hang down, as it would make it seem shorter. According to the man who is often referred to as the correction of facial expert, you should install a bun well above the nape. Tricks aims to highlight the neck, so as to create the illusion of the neck look longer.

Head triangular

Adjust the knot with a triangular head structure is to give volume to the top of the head. Because hair menyasak personally a little difficult, it can create a volume by giving lump. The wedge can be used alone or added hair.


According Andiyanto, deal with a wide forehead is quite easy. You just cover the forehead by applying appearance bangs, bangs either the front or the side.

Small Faces

Do not use the bun is too big if you have a small face, it will not be in accordance with the structure of the face. The most important thing is to highlight the sides of the face. Advice from Andiyanto is to pull hair back so that the face is clean of hair. The way it can make small face shapes look wider.

Use of bun is important in a big event official nan. By adjusting the display chignon with face shape and clothing worn, your appearance will be the maximum and charming.