Composition Rules Of Third For More Pictures Tasty eyes of

The composition rules of thirds is one of the principles of photographic composition the best known and most popular for the majority of fans photographing portraits. Rule composition is a foundation for the balance of picture elements so that the overall picture looks more delicious.
In the photo’s composition, rules of thirds is just one of the many other principles of composition. And each of these principles is not mandatory lived, but to be creative, one must know the rules say only able to break it.
What is the composition rules of thirds?
In the rules of thirds, photo field is divided into three equal parts both vertically and horizontally so that you have 9 equal area. Thus, we now have a four-point meeting.

The four points are colored red above meeting can be referred to as a four-point eye. Well thirds rules of composition theory tells us that if we put a “point of interest” aka the most exciting part of a picture at one point, then the whole picture will be more balance and unsightly.
Not all four points must be completed simultaneously, just one. And elements of a point of interest can be either an object or an inanimate object human picture.
In design science stated that when viewing an image, the human eye is naturally drawn to one point above the midpoint of the center than in the photos. So the picture drawn by the composition rules of thirds better eyes because in line with the way our eyes see it.
If you noticed in the photo above, a point of interest is located right at the junction of four eye point. While the other room is relatively empty. Rules, rules of thirds also said that no part of a photo is not worth, even if it’s just background or empty space. Thus, an empty space is part of the artistic combination of a photograph.

How to apply the rules of thirds composition in the photo?
In studying the rules of composition rules of third, there thing we should always remember and questioned before your finger pressed the shutter release button:
What is a point of interest (POI) our pictures. Which parts of the main perpetrators of the most interesting in our photos?
Then divide the image in the viewfinder into the intersection as shown above
Which dot next point of interest was to be placed?