HYDRAULIC RAM PUMP (hydrant pump)

Hydraulic ram pump (hydrant) is the water pump is run by water power itself. Works like a hydraulic transformer where the water enters the pump, which has a “hydraulic head” (pressure) and “discharge” certain, producing water with a higher hydraulic head but with a smaller discharge.
These pumps utilize “Water hammer effect” to produce a pressure that allows a portion of the incoming water to power the pump, lifted to a point higher than the initial head of water.
Sangai hydrant pump is suitable for use in remote areas where there are sources of water that have a low head and needed to pump water to localized settlement that has a higher elevation than the water source. Continue reading “HYDRAULIC RAM PUMP (hydrant pump)”


Talking about the steam engine now seems no longer relevant because it’s just a distant memory. History of the steam engine began to grow since the early 17th century and reached its packaging at the time of the first mid-19th century, during which the prime mover for industrial and transportation (ships and trains) hold of the steam engine. Steam engine era has passed, but still widely used steam turbines for almost 80% of the world’s power generation using steam turbines. So there’s little to do to see the steam engine. (Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/)

Steam engines (steam engines) in the category of aircraft heat, the equipment used to convert the thermal energy of the fuel into mechanical energy through the combustion process. There are two types of aircraft heat the Internal Combustion Engines / ICE (internal combustion engine) and External Combustion Engines / ECE (external combustion engine). ICE heat on the aircraft type, the process of burning fuel to mechanical energy¬†produce done in the equipment itself, while in ECE, this equipment only change thermal energy into mechanical energy as for the burning process done outside of the equipment. Continue reading “HOW TO STEAM ENGINE WORK?”


Judging from the standing water construction conditions included in the category of split air conditions, because the AC type has two separate parts, namely the indoor unit and outdoor unit. The unit consists of indoor air filters, evaporator and evaporator blowers, expansion valve and controll unit, while the outdoor unit consisting of compressor, condenser, refrigerant condenser blower and filter. Furthermore, the indoor unit to the outdoor unit connected by refrigerant lines 2 pieces, one for connecting the evaporator to the compressor and and one for connecting to the expansion valve refrigerant filter and power cable to supply electricity.
The difference between standing water conditions to split water conditions is that the AC split the design and construction of the indoor unit is to be installed permanently in a room, while in the standing air conditioning design and construction is such that it easily portable (preferably a mobile) although it can also permanently installed in a room. The benefits of the mobile nature of this is the use of air conditioning in memungkikannya iven and place the temporary, for example, to set the tent celebration (wedding receptions, etc..) Held in open places / pages, or can also be mounted on stands in activities such as exhibitions conducted in the field and other purposes. With the standing air conditioner is the use of air conditioning in these places can be implemented easily and its indoor unit can add to the aesthetics of the room.


Front loading washing machine

The fundamental difference in the type of front loading washing machine with twin tube type washer and front loading are:

– The position of the tube in front loading washing machine is horizontal, the vertical direction of rotation.

– There is only one tube, the stainless steel tube with holes like the top loading washing machine type, which has a bulge in some places.

– Tubes are not equipped with pulsator.

Power washing in the washing machine of this type is generated due to the wet laundry detergent with water carried by the tube rotates vertically. Since the rotation speed of the tube at the time of the washing process is designed not too fast, then at that time the position of the laundry to the top of the round, the laundry will fall below gets the tube, causing effects such as crushed, let alone the direction of rotation of the tube is always changing, the effectiveness of rolling laundry is becoming more intense.
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Top loading washing machine

It is a term that already popular misconception in our country is. If you mean the actual twin tub also includes a top loading type, simply because the washing machine has a single tube only then to distinguish be named top loading (why his name did not really singgle tube, yes?).

The basic concept of the type of top loading washing machines are combining tube wash / rinse and drying tube twin tube washing machine become one, so no need to move the laundry from the washing tube / rinse ketabung hair and vice versa. Thus in this type of washer tube there is only one tube-like shape pisiknya washer dryers on the tube type twin tube with holes, but the surface is not flat because there is a bulge in some places, and also larger dimensions because all processes started washing, rinsing and drying will take place in these tubes. Materials are generally stainless steel tube and the same as the type of twin-tube washing machine on the inside of the tube there is a pulsator, pulsator tube and which is driven by an electric motor. Continue reading “Top loading washing machine”

Twin tube washing machine

True to its name, the washing machine, there are two rows of tubes in the vertical position (vertical), the respective fund are:

The first fund is a fund wash / rinse functions to perform the washing and rinsing process. In the tube wash / rinse at the bottom there pulsator mentioned equipment, powered by an electric motor. Washing or rinsing process occurred because the fund during the wash / rinse containing laundry, water and detergent, then pulsator is rotated by an electric motor that will result in the occurrence of whirlpool that can bring the whole wash with water in the tube perputar wash / rinse is. This has the power wash for washing seems like being dikucak-kucak, especially when the pulsator rotation settings on two sides / back and forth cucinya force is stronger because every change direction of rotation .

Second fund called tube dryer (dryer) works for drying clothes that have been washed in the tube washing / rinsing a perforated tube that is rotated by an electric motor. Drying process occurs because air-filled tube during washing and rotated by an electric motor with the High speed (1,200 rpm can be achieved) will cause centrifugal force capable of suppressing dryer laundry at tube wall and threw water on the wash out through the holes that are on the air tube. Continue reading “Twin tube washing machine”

Gim Gellies World Inspired The Sims

The Sims GIM popular in early 2000 was apparently able to inspire the developers. Evidently this time with the advent of a social online games called Gellies World developed by PT Gellies Media.

Bayu Ekaputra as chief executive officer, said the gym has three concepts, namely social games, social networking and entertainment platform. In the first concept, like other social games, players will play several mini games.

Later there will be a experience that can be obtained so that the players can rise to the next level.

” Level as of Jeller, then go to Jeller Senior, Major Jeller, and Legend. Besides, we also plan to invite developers to participate in order to play in the World Gellies more interactive,” explained Bayu. Continue reading “Gim Gellies World Inspired The Sims”

RS 13 and RF 13, Present on Android and Ios

GAMELOFT presenting his sports games on the two platforms, Android and Ios. Uniquely in Android, Gameloft named RF 13 or Real Football 2013. While in Ios, RS 13 or Real Soccer 2013. However, in both gameplay there is no difference.

Gim was briefly similar to Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven. But with some additional features like there is a city that has some of the facilities could be used by the teams players. For example, there are hospitals (Hospital), Spa and Gym.

Injured players can quickly recover if the Hospital level intensified. So is the Spa which is a resting place and a gym that can improve players skills and techniques.
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24 Gim Ready Played on Nintendo Wii U

WII U will be launched on Sunday (18/11) in North America. As quoted technology site Mashable, there will be 24 games that had been prepared for the console Nintendo made it.

Some of these games are already popular in some other consoles, such as Assassin’s Creed, Batman, and Call of Duty. Then for a full list can be seen below.

1. Assassin’s Creed III

2. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
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