A cold, Recognize Symptoms

The number of daily activities performed definite effect on the human body. Therefore, many articles that discuss the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise to compensate for the depletion of energy and mind. Many people who utilize vitamins to support his body remains in excellent condition.

Some of the diseases that often strike so you feel less fit body and mind less focused. Symptoms such as abdominal bloating, fever, headache, and sneezing often overlooked. In fact, this condition can worsen and invites other diseases. Modern lifestyle nowadays also often trigger colds. Here are some habits that cause the symptoms of colds whack your body, as quoted from the Prevention of Indonesia.

Lack of sleep
The amount of work and often go home the night can make you more time to rest a little, then do not be surprised if stamina also decreases. This result is evident from a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to a statement from the researchers, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, sleep deprivation can disrupt the body’s immune system and ability to fight viruses that cause disease.

Long time in air-conditioned
It can be found in almost every office building and the house is equipped with air conditioning. To be able to feel the cold, even conditioned room is always closed. However, it turns out can actually make the room air quality deteriorated so affect health.

Research conducted by dr. And Teculescu in England, Italy, and Scandinavia found that in air-conditioned too long it can cause a variety of health complaints. Ranging from serious illnesses, such as respiratory infections, up to a light, such as headaches. Most of the respondents also complained they are sneezing as sensitive to poor air circulation in the office.

Often too late to eat
With a dense flurry followed, often cause people to forget to eat right away. In fact, the habit of skipping meals can cause stomach to be bloated easily and save a lot of gas.

Ara DerMarderosian, a professor and expert natural food of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, recommends getting used to eat regularly as a solution to keep the body protected from various health problems more serious than just a cold.

With a healthy mind and body, the density of the activities undertaken everyday you can live perfectly.