Anemia affects lost generation

Know the signs of anemia are weakness, fatigue, lethargy, tired and inattentive, aka 5 L. The incidence of anemia was still quite large. According to Nutritional Anemia prevalence survey (1995) recorded 47.2% (or 17 million people) of the total school-age children in Indonesia suffer from anemia.

Anemia itself is a disease caused by deficiency of hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemoglobin serves as a carrier of oxygen in the blood to all organs of the body. Oxygen is required for physiological and biochemical processes in each tissue. When blood oxygen deficiency, 5L symptoms, dizziness and decrease appetite. Often times even appearing as the psychological impact of apathy.

According to WHO criteria for anemia is when the hemoglobin level in children under 6 years of age is less than 11 g / dl, while in children over 6 years of age is less than 12 g / dl. To determine levels of hemoglobin must dilakuka blood test. The causes are quite varied, but anemia is a problem for the world is anemia due to lack of iron in the blood or iron deficiency anemia. Continue reading “Anemia affects lost generation”

Want Pretty? Health should be used dong …

If you belong to one of the women who want to change the appearance, first fix your lifestyle. Beauty and health go hand in hand. Start by choosing healthy foods, by increasing their intake of vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, reduce fatty foods and high cholesterol. “You are what you eat”, these guidelines may be your grasp.

In addition, your blood circulation with a lot of activity or sport. If you drive yourself, try to walk a lot more, for example by parking your vehicle further. At lunch, no need to bring the vehicle especially if the place you’re going to eat that is not too far away.

Another thing that you need to overcome is dealing with stress. The effects of stress is very bad for your health, do not believe? Try to see your co-workers who are under stress, they emit will appear on the face that looks dull. Continue reading “Want Pretty? Health should be used dong …”

The Wanted At Box Emergency

Everything in this world can not be separated from the disaster, which certainly can not be predicted and often comes suddenly. Be it a small or large scale, which is why you usually advisable to provide First Aid supplies (P3K).

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, not least in the house. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the existence of the box P3K as a way to anticipate things that are not desirable for the whole family.

There are many stores that sell P3K box next to it, but sometimes incomplete. Instead of buying a package, buy the box and its contents separately to make sure all your needs are met. To that end, here are some things you need to consider the following in preparing P3K box at home.

Choose small boxes or bags are lightweight, easy to carry, yet still be able to load all the first aid supplies. Box P3K also be waterproof and easily opened when needed, especially if you are going to travel as far.
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Aneurysm, What and How?

Aneurysm is a condition where there are weak areas and prominent blood vessels. This protrusion can only occur on the inside walls of blood vessels or blood vessels could also make it to be as thin as a balloon. This is a dangerous situation because at times it can be ruptured aneurysm.

Aneurysms in the brain can grow large and may suppress the surrounding brain areas, causing a real nuisance, such as headache, nausea, vomiting, pain or stiffness in the neck, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light. But often are not any symptoms, especially in small aneurysms. Aneurysms are rare under the age of 20 years, usually common in older age.

Some risk factors can facilitate a person to experience an aneurysm, which is high blood pressure, traumatic injury to the head, smoking, alcohol users, who have a family history of aneurysm and other congenital abnormalities such as polycystic kidney. Continue reading “Aneurysm, What and How?”

Maintaining Health in the Workplace

They are a lot of work behind the counter often complained about the condition of the body, starting aches to weight increase. If you have this, the advice to exercise and start a regular lifestyle often brought up by relatives or co-workers.

However, the higher the busy work that makes people do not have time to think about the food that will be eaten let alone to exercise. Therefore, in order to condition the body stay fit, there are some things that can be done include:
â € ¢ Control the food be the first step to do, among others, by looking at the composition of a healthy menu or would be better if bring lunch from home (when in the office where you work is not available catering). Automatically, in addition to knowing the content of what is in the food, bring lunch from home is also a move to save money and certainly more secure health food. Continue reading “Maintaining Health in the Workplace”

Cough can be cured by suggestion

Almost everyone must have had a cough in the day-to-day life. However, there is often misunderstanding the definition of cough itself. Coughing is often referred to as a disease that must be cured by taking medicine. In fact, the cough itself is not a disease.

Cough can occur due to the body’s defense mechanisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Activity and mechanisms could also indicate that we are hit by the symptoms of a disease. Coughing may also occur due to a body’s reaction to irritation in the throat due to the lender, food, dust, smoke, and various other causes. Cough more meaningful as a physiological reflex to protect the body and foreign objects entering the throat.

But if we are constantly hit by relentless coughing and seemed increasingly become worse over time, the physiological reaction can turn into a disease that is quite disturbing. Even if we underestimate the cough, it could be we are exposed to infection and irritation in the throat. Of course this will bring harm to ourselves.

Many people advised us to immediately drink cough medicine, both in the form of syrup or tablet. With mixed by various types of chemicals and also natural, especially for liquid cough medicine, we will feel a warm sensation thanks to the addition of these materials. But did you know that the cough can be cured only through our minds without having to take cough medicine?
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What is Different Flu and Colds?

We often attacked by both types of the disease, but often it is difficult to distinguish. At the time of illness, often accompanied by pain in swallowing, cough and fever. Is this what is called the flu (influenza) or just a common cold alone?

Basically, give flu symptoms are more severe than the common cold. And we will feel better when you are suffering from flu than a cold. But it’s not an easy way to tell the difference. Therefore, let us distinguish between each one of the symptoms that may occur.

Fever symptoms

Usually flu is often accompanied by a high increase in body temperature with chills, while the runny nose, fever rarely occurs. If anything, the fever just a mild fever.
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Still Hesitant To Become Vegetarian?

Many thought that states that a person is not going to work hard all day with only eating fruit, rice, and vegetables only aliases Vegetarian. Maybe anologi that is not appropriate, but cows, horses, and elephants show the strength to do the work and activities throughout the day, with only eat plants only grow.

Dr. Per Olof Astand, a Swedish scientist has conducted experiments to determine the best foods and to increase endurance for athletes. By selecting the nine athletes, he gave them a different diet for three days. The food menu is given as follows.

Phase 1

In this phase fed a mixture of meat, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and butter. After that, the athletes asked to ride a stationary bike. As a result they are able to average pedaling for 114 minutes.
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Fasting Increase Sperm Quality

For those who are fasting, do not worry if your sperm quality decreases. On the contrary, the quality of sperm in general would be great.

Fasting is not known to have a negative impact on sperm quality. Health benefits of fasting on the body for healthy men actually better not even reduce the occurrence of conception marital relationship.

The health benefits of fasting actually increases the function of reproductive organs, balance the acid and alkaline levels in the body, and improve organ function. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for the digestive system to rest will relieve the body of toxins, impurities and residue that can damage health.
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What Is a Free Radical?

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can invade and destroy healthy cells. Free radicals can come from within the body and the environment.

In the body, every normal cell process that involves oxygen will produce free radicals. Free radicals are very easily attached and attack fat, carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes and DNA.

From the surrounding environment, free radicals can come from:

Air pollution (cigarette smoke, motor vehicle)
Ultraviolet radiation (sunlight, X-rays)
excessive exercise
Toxic ingredients in pesticides, insecticides, paint or furniture material
Fatty foods (processed foods, fried foods, baked)
Alcohol and coffee
excessive stress Continue reading “What Is a Free Radical?”