Tree Day 2012

Our lives depend on trees or vegetation. The oxygen in the blood spread in the form of HbO2 derived from the photosynthesis of trees and other plant chlorophyll. Certainly no difference in functionality between the trees, shrubs, and grasses. But as a source of oxygen and a reductant carbon dioxide (CO2), all crops contributed to the sustainability of animal and human life on the planet.

Teak, mahogany, tamarind, acacia, mango, coconut, corn and rice useful for human life, directly indirectly, either as “food, clothing, and hair.” Tall and short plants small, also the bonsai, it remains useful to humans. Even parasites too, there must be a point, but the man who has not managed to find the benefits. Parasite steal food from a mango tree, kedondong, guava, even from jatropha. He could grow bigger in there. Likewise, women who do not strap chlorophyll, which clearly parasites to clump tea fence, undiscovered benefits for animals and humans. Continue reading “Tree Day 2012”

Toys, Kids Learn to Increase Motivation

Every child really loves to play. For the little guy, the activity is not just having fun. Playing is very useful for helping to make it more optimal growth. So the selection of toys is crucial for optimal benefits.

As well as working for adults, play is work for children. Through play, your child will learn about the world and its surroundings. He has the opportunity to explore the environment and develop the skills, values, attitudes, tolerance, and understanding. Play is a way of expressing feelings and emotions faster than conveying verbal expression.

As a tool for playing, the selection of toys and play materials is crucial for optimal benefits. Abundant toy is useless if the toy has no educational value. That is, the toy gives enjoyment or play while learning the benefits of a particular skill. However, does not mean you also have to fill your child with educational toys that are too much. Toy is just one contributing factor to optimize brain development of children.

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Between you and your in-laws

Perhaps you have experienced something like this. In-law secretly violate restrictions have applied to children. Examples like, give candy or other foods that are not so good for your health without your knowledge, put it objects (amulets) with which you disagree, and so forth.

Action laws that are inconsistent with the rules that have to communicate, especially if you’ve kept reminding repeatedly, will harm you and your child. Your role as a parent distracted, because disfluencies which rules apply and which may not be for the good of the child.

Eleanor Reynolds, pengkembangan specialists said children from the United States, to apply boundaries child is a parent task. Throughout these reasons easy to implement and it makes sense, people are believed to keep the child should obey it. If you have told your limits and reasons to the law, then he ignored it, he feels that you are not worthy of respect. Attitude who likes to oppose the rule of law can harm children, even though the goal is fun-in-law and grandchildren to do so. Regrettably, the law does not care about the nutritional needs of children, in-laws lazy or tired to meet the nutritional needs of children, in-laws want to buy a love child by giving the child something like, or can be used as an outlet of resentment towards you. Continue reading “Between you and your in-laws”

Some Types of Arthritis Disease

Arthritis or joint inflammation (arthritis) that generally afflict the elderly, it can also happen to women of childbearing age. Rheumatism is defined as a disease that attacks the joints and supporting structures or tissue around the joint.

Body parts are commonly attacked arthritic finger joints, knees, hips, and spine. Other joints affected less frequently the wrists and ankles, elbows, and shoulders.

Arthritis is a degenerative disease chronic nature and can inhibit the activity of the sufferer. Note there are about 200 types of rheumatic diseases, but it is commonly known is rheumatoid arthritis, gout arthritis (gout), and osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic inflammatory disease that attacks the entire body. It works by attacking the small joints. The main cause is not known, so far suspected virus and genetic factors. Therapy is generally undertaken by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain. Continue reading “Some Types of Arthritis Disease”

Teacher humiliated, Reaching Even the Nobel Prize

There is no fool. That there are people who are lazy or those who are not ready to learn. A high school student “humiliated” by her teacher for being unable to teach physics. Repeatedly treated so, made her heart hurt. It’s not worth the teacher insulted his student, let alone drop it. There is a strong student who receives insults, some are fragile and easily give up, like most human character. So is this a high school student, he thinks positive Fortunately, consider slur his teacher as a whip to move forward. No half-hearted, to prove that he was capable of in the field of physics, he then entered into the physics department. He was desperate studying physics even though the value is low. Having taken the trouble to learn, a college degree was finally achieved. Again, with a low value, the lowest even among his friends. Continue reading “Teacher humiliated, Reaching Even the Nobel Prize”

Weight Loss and Behavior Problems

Currently, the problem of obesity a growing problem threatening because more and more people who are having problems in setting her weight. In Indonesia alone, began to look for the trend, not only in adults but also in children.

Overweight to obesity, has been known to cause a number of disease risk. Call it, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and many others. But research in the United States, shows that excessive weight gain in children also affects the state of behavior, especially in girls.

Research on nearly 10,000 children aged about 5 years, who are in school in kindergarten, collected data on height, weight and the reports of parents and teachers on child behavior problems.
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Thermometer, Types and How to use

Thermometer is not rare antiques known. However, unfortunately, a very important thing and that is rare in cheap houses. In fact, fever is one of the symptoms of the most common diseases in the world.

Thermometer was found a few centuries ago, in the sixteenth century by the Italian physicist Galileo once astronomers. However, an accurate mercury thermometer newly created successfully on two centuries later by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. Therefore, to date Fahrenheit scale is still commonly used, especially in Western countries. Invention of the thermometer in the establishment of a thermometer scale of 100 by taking the Swedish astronomer named Anders Celsius. Last name sounds familiar does not it? Indonesia because we generally use the thermometer with Celsius scale.

Run of the thermometer does not stop there. The tool is being developed to provide ease and greater precision for users. There are now a variety of thermometers for example:

Underarm thermometer
Oral thermometer
Rectal thermometer
Ear thermometer
Basal thermometer
Digital thermometer Continue reading “Thermometer, Types and How to use”

High-Risk Men Really Natural Colon Cancer?

A recent study found that polyps are associated with colon cancer occurs higher in men than women, which is about 73%. However, it is likely also due to more frequent screening than men do to women.

For example, the possibility of a new start screening women after their elderly. The research results have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Everyone must perform screening or examination because the worst thing can happen if we assume women are rarely affected by colon cancer so action examination is rarely performed.

Another opinion suggests that only minimal differences occurred between the incidence of colon cancer in men and women, and to this day is still not enough information to change these assumptions. Continue reading “High-Risk Men Really Natural Colon Cancer?”

Exoticism massage in Kuta Bali

Curly blond hair still wet and braided horse. Buti-grain-notol menotol saltwater over her body. Diselonjorkan slender white legs and her head resting on top of a thick folded towel. His blue eyes staring into the white clouds in between the two in the afternoon sun. Waves and ripples continue to work, coming and going, rumbling voice.

An elderly mother tanned dark skinned, in contrast to Caucasian skin, the oil began membalurkan her upper thigh down to his toes and massaging mijatnya. A moment later the mother berkain batik was rather shabby white that turned his stomach. Starting his neck, then to the back, to the rubber bikini bottom and push the oil and apply it stresses the fingertips, forward, backward, forward, backward … A massage close my eyes, all seems to be comfortable. Probably asleep by the wind caresses the beach.

Meanwhile, about 12 feet from her earlier in the direction of the coast lie two Caucasian women were also bikinis, sun bathing. One person was obese, middle age, arms and thighs sagged, her skin mottled brown; another much younger, thinner and beautiful look for the size of Indonesia, perhaps his son, was reading a thick book. A few feet away, so feet away from being there and so many feet away from being over there, there is also a similar view of the passing people. There are so many, countless in number. Continue reading “Exoticism massage in Kuta Bali”

Recognize Crying Baby

It’s pretty much the reason for the difficulty of being a mother. However, having a baby is the dream of all women and one tremendous happiness. Here’s some info and tips for recognizing our baby crying and a way for women to live.

The child cried repeatedly to pause for breath. Usually this type of crying like a baby caused hungry or thirsty. Try to give him milk or favorite food.

Baby crying shrill, breathless then cry again. Maybe he fell and his body felt sore. Try to swing his body and he slowly massaged her with great tenderness.

Baby crying like screaming endlessly. Maybe he was bored. Try to hum, engage him in conversation, joking or take her out to restore cheerfulness.

Baby crying and whining will not sleep. Maybe he wants cuddled-buckle, try to lift and swing her body slowly and sing a song gently until she fell asleep.

Baby cries as if he was sad or angry. Maybe he was lonely and less attention. Try to accompany him until he is calm and cheerful again.

Baby crying sad followed lethargic body movements. Maybe he was sick. Try to check his temperature and immediately take it to the doctor for a checkup.

Baby cries grew louder and began to squirm in her bed. He felt uncomfortable with her ​​blanket or clothes. Try to always change his clothes before he fell asleep with a softer material and no heat in the body.