Be careful! Overweight Children Due To Watch TV!

Too much television (TV), it can increase the risk of overweight (overweight) in children. The statement is based on research in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. However, it only applies to the condition of children with parents who suffer from obesity.

In that study, the group of children of parents with normal weight indicates the length of time watching TV does not affect their weight gain. In addition, it is believed also that parent weight status is an important factor in the relationship between TV viewing and child weight.

The study was conducted through interviews in the home or over the phone, which involved 1,483 children aged 6 to 19 years and showed that parental obesity is directly related to the risk of overweight in all the children, except in boys aged 6 to 9 years. Furthermore, for boys aged 14 to 19 years and girls 10 to 13 years old with parental obesity, overweight risk increased with increasing number of hours spent watching TV.
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Stop Thinning Hair Tips

There are many hair problems that adversely affected the performance. One of them is the problem of thinning hair. Compared with men, from the psychological side, women are more bothered by the negative effects of thinning hair. If a lot to lose hair when you brush, you need to do the test, before going to the doctor for hair treatment.

Here is a way to test how much influence you to thinning hair. Comb hair on the pillow, or a comb from the top front of the head for 60 seconds, use a clean comb. If the hair is collected more than 50 pieces, then you are experiencing thinning hair and hair beauty treatment needs.

Here are some beauty tips to stop thinning hair.

1. Eliminate Stress
Stress is one factor that causes hair thinning, stress leads to brittle hair roots. Try to be more relaxed, when we feel anxious / stressed, we tend to breathe short using the upper chest muscles. This makes breathing becomes rapid and erratic. Try taking a long breath and regularly, it can reduce the level of anxiety / stress and make us quieter.
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Food don’t During Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby is a gift of infinite owned by a mother. In addition to meeting nutritional needs, breast feeding can also attachment or bonding between mother and child.

Breastfeeding in principle is a natural process. So less likely to experience a failure or a mother can not breastfeed her baby. Keep in mind, or at least a lot of milk also does not depend on the size of the breast size. The more often you breastfeed your baby, then milk production will continue to increase.

However, for optimal breastfeeding should begin early gestational age by preparing and noticed two main things, namely food and breast care.

There may be and never be consumed while you are breastfeeding. When breastfeeding, avoid spicy foods and bersantan because it can cause indigestion. Avoid gassy vegetables, such as cabbage and cauliflower, because it can make the stomach bloating in certain infants. Quit smoking because the nicotine contained in tobacco will flow through the breast milk into the baby’s body. Continue reading “Food don’t During Breastfeeding”

Newbie Sailing – Types of Sails

Sailing for Beginners This article is used on some of the different types of veil of modern sailing. On most boats, there are two basic types of sails that are used, one major and the other is the arrow. They are the standard for boats that are larger. The most important is the main source of energy, while the boom is a secondary source of propulsion and is mainly used in laptops and navigation against the wind. They are cross and a Dacron polyester and familiar gently sloping to the head, tack and listening reinforced for extra strength. This makes this type of sail and light applications.

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During Life, Women Spend 3 Years Time in the Kitchen

Women, especially mothers, is the first word that pops up when imagining the kitchen and cooking. Although it may sound traditional, but in fact a recent study proved that women today spend more than three years of his life in the kitchen.

Research conducted by B & Q found that the average housewife spent 1117 days, or about three years to cook in the kitchen. A survey conducted of 1,000 housewives also results in the fact that in addition to cooking, the respondents spent about 20 minutes to relax in the kitchen by watching television or reading the newspaper.

Since spending time in the kitchen, most women are also concerned with the display kitchen decor. 45 percent of survey respondents said that the beautiful d├ęcor kitchen look more attractive.

The results revealed that six out of 10 women aged 18 to 24 years found a kitchen display shows property owners so gorgeous kitchen show their pride for his home. As for women aged over 55 years, about 30 percent said that the beauty of the kitchen decor does not make them interested.
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Milk teeth

Healthy baby teeth are important for children to learn to chew, speak clearly, smile full of flavor themselves, and to ensure that the permanent teeth will appear correctly.

Dental disease is the most common disease that affects children, and reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 28% of them have cavities in milk teeth.

If your child has never aged 1y dental medicine, make an appointment now .American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children’s teeth examined for the first time after the age of 1 year. Examination will not be long and the doctor can quickly find early signs of tooth decay and plaque formation. The doctor will also make sure the teeth, mouth, esophagus and throat child correctly formed. When children suck a pacifier, your doctor may ask you to get rid of that thing so he was 2 years old in order to prevent problems that could potentially arise.
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Leisure While Pregnant

You want to work while pregnant? Not a problem, because pregnancy is not a hindrance actively working in the office. That should be pursued is to maintain comfort during work. How do I?

Sitting comfortably

Keep your seat height appropriate, how:

Sit up straight with feet flat on the floor.
Put a pencil or pen on top of your thighs. Strive for pencil / pen is still in place. Because if pencil / pen rolling towards the front (knee), meaning that the chair you sit too high. If the pencil / pen rolling toward the back, then your seat is too low.
If your seat is too high and can not be changed, look for something that can be used to prop your feet, like a small chair so that blood circulation remains smooth.
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Record Time Through Scrapbook

You’ve heard the term before Scrapbook? Scrapbook can be interpreted as a book that contains a number of photos along with a note or a story of a person or family be it about something family traditions, fun or sad memories. Scrapbook can save a family history stories from one generation to the next.

The activity itself is called scrapbooking, a hobby of crafts made from paper that contains among other photos of an event or activity-photo memories, and stories, writing as one page later called shake keep the album.

Scrapbooking has become a popular since the release of a book titled “Manuscript Gleanings and Literary Scrap Book” in 1826 by John poople. It contains a combination of a collection of poetry and writings, also included instructions on how to collect and how to organize Scraps.

First Scrapbook made using dried flowers that have been in the press, pieces of paper, shilhuet, puzzles, poetry and feathers and other items of interest.

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35 Magnum Photographers Veteran Gives Advice On Beginners

Some time ago blogs legendary photographic agency, Magnum Photos, created a 35 article contains advice to budding photographers magnum photographer (my original article was not linked). Here I extracted the contents of the 35 counsel with my translation simplify and shorten mine. To read a longer version of the original, you can download the original article in PDF format here (English).

Copyright Photo: Steve McCurry (Magnum), read the story of this photo on wikipedia.
Here to-35 this advice:
Abbas: “Buy a pair of comfortable shoes, and begin to fall in love”.
Alex Majoli: “A lot of-a lot of reading literature and as little as possible to observe the work of someone else’s photos. Work everyday even without assignments or money, work with discipline for yourself and not for others. And collaborate with people you admire. ”
Alex Webb: “Shoot because you love him, and because it is the greatest gift you shoot itself”
Alec Soth: “Try everything. Photojournalism, portrait, fashion … anything. You will not know which one fits before ever tried ”
Alessandra Sanguinetti: “I agree with Bob Dylan: always keep your head and do not forget to always carry a light bulb that good (idea)”
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