How to Wash Pillows Right to ‘Away’ of Germs at Sleep

Some sleep problems are caused by a number of factors, one of them because the pillows were dirty and smelled. This can happen because you do not wash it regularly. Therefore, wash your pillows at least once a month.

Using a clean pillow can certainly make sleep more soundly and quality. For that reason, it is important for you to always keep the pillow that you use everyday. These tips are taken from The Nest, which can be replicated to wash your pillows at home.

1. Using a Washing Machine
Using a washing machine to wash the pillows were not much different from washing clothes in general. Use enough water, add a few drops of liquid soap and fabric softener. Turn on the machine and choose the button with the power washing medium.

When finished, put pillows in the dryer, rotate 2-3 times. Make sure the pillow is completely dry so as not to remove the smell of stale. Once dry, AM-AM pillow a few times. If you want to use bleach, make sure the product is used safely. Do not use bleach excessive wear due to its chemical ingredients can interfere with the respiratory system or cause allergies. Continue reading “How to Wash Pillows Right to ‘Away’ of Germs at Sleep”

Understanding Digital Camera Aperture Priority Mode

In using DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras, or even a pocket camera class, we were treated to some choice of operating mode to control exposure. One is the Aperture Priority mode (other modes: Program Mode, Shutter Priority Mode and Auto Mode). Aperture priority mode is usually symbolized with the letter A or Av on your camera control buttons. Before going too far, it is important for you to understand the basic concepts of exposure, aperture and the concept of depth of field and understand the triangle of photography.

In aperture priority mode, the camera gives us the freedom to control the aperture value while the camera will calculate and determine the shutter speed. ISO value can we set from the beginning, or we can choose to auto-rotate ISO. Try in A or Av mode, and specify that you want to take pictures using aperture f / 4 and ISO 200. Perform metering on a subject, and see the value of the selected shutter camera. Now change the aperture value to a position f / 8 and repeat metering on the same subjects, the shutter speed will change. Continue reading “Understanding Digital Camera Aperture Priority Mode”

Insomnia / Sleep Difficult Can Omitted

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a health problem not a disease. Where we have a shortage quantity of sleep at night which adversely affects health. Insomnia can be classified based on the length problem occurs.

1. If insomnia lasts less than a week then included in transient insomnia.
2. If symptoms of insomnia lasts between one week to three weeks then included in the short-term insomnia.
3. If insomnia lasts for more than three weeks then it is classified as chronic insomnia.

There are different causes of insomnia such as medical conditions, psychiatric, situational factors or primary sleep problems. Some common causes of temporary and short-term insomnia is a problem disturbing noise or noise, changes in working hours, uncomfortable room temperature, the influence of drugs etc..
Causes of chronic insomnia is stress levels, anxiety, depression.

some of the major symptoms of insomnia:
1. Difficulty with memory.
2. Irritability and impaired social interaction.
3. Impaired motor coordination motor.
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Work Produces Breast milk

Mother’s Milk is produced from a collaboration between hormonal and neural factors. This alone is quite magical. Come browse from scratch. Start of hormones estrogren. The hormone estrogen is a sex hormone produced by the uterus to stimulate growth of sex organs, such as breasts and pubic hair, regulate the menstrual cycle. The hormone estrogen also plays a role maintaining the texture and function of the breast. In pregnant women, the hormone estrogen makes the nipple enlarges and stimulates the growth of breast glands. In addition, the hormone estrogen to strengthen the walls of the uterus during contractions before delivery.

Breast itself consists of a collection of glands and fatty tissue that lies between the skin and breast bone. Gland in inside the breast will produce a milk after a woman giving birth. Mammary glands called lobules form a milk-producing lobes or sacs. There are 15 to 20 milk producing pockets on each breast, connected with the collected milk ducts in the nipple. The inside of the breast is composed of fatty tissue and fibrous connective tissue, breast binding and affects the shape and size of the breast. There are also blood vessels and lymph nodes.

The milk was produced during pregnancy because there are factors that suppress the release of the hormone prolactin. One of them thanks to the hormone estrogen. It is conceivable if milk has been produced since the beginning of pregnancy while no one smoked, the mothers should dispose of milk every day. Redundant is not it? God does not want to give the waste it with the magic he gives the milk production process so that the mammary gland is not producing milk during pregnancy.
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Tips For Beginners Learn Surfing

Learn to surf better after starting on younger, but age is not a barrier to learning to surf, an important health.

To learn suring you should be able to swim, partly because of the time spent on paddling (swimming) rather than ride the wave.

Learning to surf will form a stronger upper chest due to the amount of time spent swimming.

For starters, the pool can be used for learning.

Before pedaling seas surrounding conditions and in particular the ability to know you, wave conditions a change.

For beginners learning to surf on a sandy beach with small waves is very safe, do not study hard and the waves on the rocky shore.

Tips For Beginners Learn Surfing:

  1. Determine the balance point – for beginners it is recommended to determine the balance point in the same wax can be used, the balance point is when you surf the board supine position chin, chin position is marked with a wax, any time dagung position marked this as a reference surf board so that you react the same every time (every time).
  2. Surfboard nose (tip) into the water, with the right back position to which the chin is (marked above was), to balance the surf board retreat a little backward of the sign.
  3. Too much pressure on the back of a surfboard with your body weight, come forward to the surf board is really stable on the water.
  4. Surf board on top, do not do a lot of movement when sitting or trying to sit the board surfing because it will eliminate the effect of balancing on a surf board for beginners learning to surf, try to be calm. One of the keys to learning to surf is calm attitude.
  5. On the surf board. Do not stand up for you will be upside down, standing modestly (such as horses), hands on hips, eyes to the front, you will fall off when the eyes see kebawa (down)
  6. Practice, practice the techniques taught you surf instructor landed before sliding into the water.

Celebrations Skateboard Lovers in the World

Historically, the skateboard world today is known as “Go Skateboarding Day”. Go Skateboarding Day was created in 2004 by a group of skateboarding companies to promote skateboarding and help make it more visible to the world. It is celebrated every year on June 21 until now.

Shelter under the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), Go Skateboarding Day gives passionate the community is expected to skateboard enthusiasts to create a more active and positive, not only used to simply fill vacation time.

In addition, today skateboard is intended to introduce people to what is really there in the world of skateboarding, dismissed the notion that the skateboarders are not a collection of people who bully, but rather the preservation of the culture of origin skateboard.

Of course, this skateboard sports figures are role models admired by skateboarders worldwide.
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Learning Composition Photo: Perspective and Vanishing Point

If you’ve listened to teachers explain the theory of art of art, the word certainly never crossed my perspective. Perspective in art is how to give the impression of space in painting, how to keep objects painted the canvas (or paper) as if it really has the dimension of space. Well because photography is a lot of borrowed theories of art, especially in terms of composition, there is a need for us to know.

In photography, one of the most effective ways to give perspective on the photo is to utilize the lost point (or points lost = vanishing point). What?? point vanish? gone where? to the door of Doraemon?. No, because the named point disappeared as if an object is, the more rearward position will get smaller shape.
By utilizing these lost points, while photographing the street it will look more smaller and narrower so as to give the impression of distance. When you are photographing a row of power poles and wire, the more rearward will look shorter and eventually coincide to form a point. Well, the point is called a point vanished. See the photo above, is a large wooden bridge at the beginning and smaller backward as if the end of the two merge into one point, disappeared. Continue reading “Learning Composition Photo: Perspective and Vanishing Point”

Various Benefits of Coconut Water For Health

Dry skin is a beauty problem that occurs due to a buildup of dead skin cells, dead skin cells accumulate on the skin layer and block the absorption of the moisturizer and can clog the sweat glands.
Dead skin cells are formed because our bodies on a regular basis in order to create new skin maintain skin beauty.

Following these beauty tips to prevent dry skin, although it does not work 100% for everyone, at least to reduce them.

1. Humidifier / air humidifier
If you live in a dry environment, the humidifier can help add moisture naturally. There are several types of cool mist humidifiers and steam like. Whatever type you choose, be sure to keep the water inside kept stocked and clean.

2. Exfoliating / flaking skin.
peels to exfoliate dead skin and help to prevent dry skin. There are several types of products that you can choose. There are scrubs, gels, creams scrubs, polishes and creams. Also use for cleaning tools such as sponges, hand wipes, brushes for skin etc..
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8 Phase Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy

Happy once felt when you heard the good news from the doctor that says you are pregnant. But apparently, the pregnancy for the mother is not easy. Women experience morning sickness is common in the first trimester of pregnancy, swelling in the legs and face (or often called a moon face), to emotional changes.

Because of this, my mother who is pregnant should also keep the nutrition of food that goes into the body. Diet and a healthy lifestyle can help the growth and healthy development of the fetus in the uterus.

Nutrition plan for pregnant women should refer to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance or Recommended Daily Intake). Compared to non-pregnant mothers, pregnant women will need to increase to 68% protein, 100% folic acid, calcium and iron 50% 200-300%. Raw foods recommended should include six groups of foods containing protein (animal and vegetable), milk and dairy, breads & grains, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, dark green vegetables, fruits and other vegetables.
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