Make Sharp Nose Without Surgery

Plastic surgery is very popular in the world today. Two of the most popular surgery is breast augmentation surgery and nose reconstruction surgery. It is based on research conducted in the United States .. Talking about nasal reconstruction, but many women are not satisfied with the shape of her nose.

Not only in the United States, it occurs also in Japan. Many Japanese women who want to have a long nose. Costly operation prompted some cosmetic companies make sharpener instant and inexpensive tool.

The latest tools that are popular in Japan named nose straightener alias straightener nose. The shape varies. There were like a butterfly and clamp clothesline. In essence, it works by clipping and improve the shape of the nostrils become more sharp and symmetrical.

The most popular brand today is Hana Tsun Nose Straightener. This tool can draw shapes nostril for two silicon, such as toothpicks, get into it. Then the left and right nose clamped with other silicon. It costs about $ 50. Continue reading “Make Sharp Nose Without Surgery”