Know the Symptoms of Dengue Fever

A person suffering from dengue fever will initially suffer from a high fever. In this febrile state of the body is dehydrated by many due to evaporation which is more than usual. Body fluids dwindle if the child is vomiting continuously or do not want to drink. So the most important first aid is to provide drinking as much as possible.

Give drink as much as 2 liters (about kira8 glasses) in a day or 3 tablespoons every 15 minutes. Drinks were given to taste such as water boy, water sweet tea, syrup, fruit juice, milk, ORS, softdrink, nutricious diet can also be a lot of circulation today. By providing drinking plenty of fluids in the body is expected to remain stable. To monitor that the liquid is not less, note the number of urinary children. If the kids are urinating at least 6 times a day is the amount of fluid you drink sufficient child.

High fever as well as reduces the body fluids and can cause seizures in children who have a history of seizures when high fever, therefore, should be given immediately febrifuge.

To reduce fever, give febrifuge. For this type febrifuge medicines should be selected from the group paracetamol or asetaminophen, should not be given aspirin or aspirin type because it can stimulate the stomach so it will aggravate if there is bleeding stomach.
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Destroyer Bad Habits Healthy Skin

Women often do the bad habits that damage the skin. Unfortunately, they still do it, though it knew the dangers. Habit of sharing the risk of transmitting cosmetic disease. These are bad habits that damage skin health, as reported by Boldsky.

Sharing lip balm or lip stick

The habit of sharing lip balm or lip stick transmit the disease to susceptible mouth. So, avoid this bad habit!

lent comb

Lent habit comb put you at risk of infection and scalp dandruff. Fear not offended friend lent a comb? So, you should always carry two comb in the bag.

Share eyeliner
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Quick Tips on Spot Beach Photos

When shooting on a sunny beach and Blue Skies, if you use auto exposure directly, then it will be too dark. There are tricks that can be used in this situation. All you need is a camera that lets you shoot in manual exposure and have exposure lock button, so all-mirrorless DSLR or advanced compact cameras. Here’s how:
Set manual exposure on the camera
Navigate to the roof so all that appears in the viewfinder or the LCD screen is only blue sky, make sure no sand or clouds appear there.
Read metering on the sky. Adjusting the aperture or shutter speed so that metering does not indicate over exposure or under exposure.
If the camera has an option to lock the exposure (exposure lock – read here how), use. Navigate to the sky – do metering – change the setting aperture / shutter speed – then push the AEL button, hold do not disconnect.
Now rearrange the composition of your photos while still pressing the AEL thumb, then snap the shutter button.
Done and good luck.

Someone Smoking Not Affect Fertility

When we see a doctor and talk about infertility, there are some things that almost certainly suggested by the doctor. Some of them are: Avoid smoking, drinking less alcohol, and trying to lose weight. Overall, the suggestion is indeed very useful for health. But when talking about a man’s fertility, then things just will not be too useful.

A study conducted by experts at the University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield in England said that doctors should discuss returning some suggestions that often they give to patients. It is based on an argument that says that couples who delay treatment on their fertility only to reduce smoking and alcohol drinking habits, then that will end up in vain.

To conduct the study, the researchers collected 2249 men from 14 fertility clinics in the UK. The men were given a number of detailed questions about their daily habits, especially about smoking and drinking alcohol. In addition, data will be side by side with the record of the body weight, the types of their work, and also the habit of wearing underwear.
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Choosing the Right Pearl Jewelry

Graceful and classic, that’s the impression that emanated from pearl jewelry. In addition, pearls are also ‘completely appropriate’ mix and match with fashion. With dresses or longdress, for example, pearl like affinity. But paired with any business suit, pearls capable of emitting an elegant hue.

If you plan to buy accessories of pearls, it’s good to consider first the following tips:

Decide first what type of pearl you want: the original with natural color (typical white-red), colored pearls, or imitation. The first choice is not easy to find in any store, besides the price is not bad. Being the last type are relatively affordable, easily found, but the value is low.
Look at the size. Size pearl effect on the price, the bigger the size, the more expensive (for the original pearl). So is the shape: round pearls are more expensive than square or oblong pearl asymmetrical.
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Gloves Not Always Boxes

One of the most sought after clothing products is approaching Eid gloves. From time to time, gloves are always sought. Here is a history that is known and worn gloves in the present:

Sarong is a wide piece of fabric are sewn on both ends so it is shaped like a pipe / tube. This is the basic meaning of the holster in force in Indonesia or places region. In terms of international fashion, gloves (sarong) means a piece of fabric wide use the waist to cover the lower body (waist down).

Cloth gloves are made from a variety of materials: cotton, polyester, or silk. The use of gloves is very broad, to relax at home until the official use of such worship or marriage ceremonies. In general, the use of cloth gloves at official events related to complement the clothes given area.

According to historical records, the gloves came from Yemen. In the country called futah gloves. Gloves are also known as izaar, wazaar or ma’awis. People in the country of Oman with the name calling glove wizaar. People know him by the name of Saudi Arabia izaar. Use of gloves has been widespread, not only in the Arabian Peninsula, but also reached South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, to the Americas and Europe. Gloves first entry into Indonesia in the 14th century, brought by Arab and Gujarat traders. In subsequent developments, sarong in Indonesia synonymous with Islamic culture.
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Composition Tips: Framing

One of the basic composition tips on photography is framing, ie, by placing the main subject of a photo or Point of Intereset (POI) in a position such that surrounded another element in the picture. Framing can be achieved by placing one picture elements that were located close to the camera in the foreground (foreground) surrounding a point of interest.

By framing the composition, we can increase the effect of the dimensions of the photo because there is a layer formed between the frame with a POI that is visually more appealing. Moreover, by making the other elements to isolate the main subject, we can lead the eye and attention of people who see the photos towards the main subject earlier.

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9 Ways Smart Recycle Used newspapers

Global warming is now threatening the world makes many people reluctant to waste paper. Although many gadgets that can be used instead of paper, but the presence of the paper still can not be replaced for some people.

Rather than dispose of waste paper such as newspapers, magazines or work files that are no longer in use, here are some smart ways to recycle paper as reported by Sky Bold.

1. Cleaning the Glass
Home appliances made of glass are best cleaned with a paper. Newsprint is the best cleaner for tinted glass. The trick is to soak the paper in water and then clean the glass, last dry with a cloth.

2. Cover Shelves
Waste paper is perfect for protecting rack from dirt and damage. Look for the former paper or newspaper to cover the shelves of books, shoes, and clothes to keep them clean.
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Bags Genuine or Fake?

Big brand in fashion has always been a dream for the lover. Seemed to not want to miss the latest trend, the women world brand enthusiast is willing to do anything for a newly launched product.

Many women are crazy about handbags. A designer bag can cost thousands of dollars. Due to its price, a lot of fake goods on the market circulate . Then how can we distinguish genuine goods with a fake? Experts from a six-tip distinguish original and fake bags.

1. Look for clear indicators
Check the logo and material bags. Lightweight metal, a cheap bag materials, logos slight incline into a clear sign that the bag is fake. But now a lot, made a fake bag authentic as possible to the original. So, you need to step two until six.

2. Recognize the signs of specific
You should know the signs to look for in a particular case. For example, Marc Jacobs zipper made by RiRi or Lampo and all bags Louis Vuitton made since the early 80s has a date stamped somewhere on the interior. Fans of the bag will spend time to look for signs of authenticity in order to protect the integrity of their favorite designers. Continue reading “Bags Genuine or Fake?”

The Comfortable Flat Shoes

For some people, having new clothes and shoes while celebrating Eid is a culture to the next. Start new clothes bought by their parents, to be able to buy their own and got in line to buy the kids or nephews.

One of the items sought are shoes or sandals, especially for women. Activities on the day of Eid definitely need mobility. In one day have visited several places of interest, so comfortable footwear is required as well. Since most new shoes or sandals worn when Eid comes first. So the foot is still adjusting to the new shoes but you have to move higher.

Flat shoes are one of the answers that reduces leg fatigue at day full of friendship. Here the flat footwear without rights.

The Mary Jane
This type of shoe can be flat or entitled. But certainly, these shoes have a strap in the ankle, and a rounded toe or a little box. These types of shoes look very casual.
Use it with leggings, skinny jeans, mini skirts, will make the appearance look beautiful. However, do not use it with a harem, cargo pants, and a straight-cut trousers and wide. Continue reading “The Comfortable Flat Shoes”