Back Button Focusing For The Accurate Autofocus

Okay just an introduction first. By default, the way we lock the focus is to push the shutter button halfway. But actually there is one feature that is often used pro photographers using the AF-ON button or (*) before, usually called “back button focus”.

What is a back button focus?
Back button focus is fitu autotokus by exploiting a certain button on the back of the camera, usually the AF-ON button or (*) and usually push with your right thumb. If the back of your DSLR camera there is a button with the inscription AF-ON or an asterisk (*), this technique can be used directly. If it can not be activated from the camera menu settings.
Why should the back button focus?
Back button focus particularly useful when we use continuous autofocus mode or tracking. In continuous mode is by using back button focusing, we can free up the shutter button to lock focus from the obligation. Remember, when in continuous mode, the intention is often desired to lock the focus, but what happened instead terpencet shutter so the camera takes full exposure.
The main advantage of autofocus with AF-ON button or (*) is that we no longer need to push the shutter button halfway. Simply by pressing the AF-ON button with the thumb to begin to lock autofocus and tracking follow moving objects. When you want to take photos, live we press the shutter button fully without removing the AF-ON button or (*). In future articles we will discuss thoroughly, what are the advantages of this technique. Continue reading “Back Button Focusing For The Accurate Autofocus”

Cod Liver Oil / Cod Liver Oil for Health

Cod Liver Oil or cod liver oil is oil derived from cod liver are rich in nutrients that are good for health. Now the market has a lot of health products sold in the form of oil and capsules.

benefits of fish oil?
Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement that provides many health benefits.

The following article about the health benefits of cod liver oil.

1. Vitamin A: helps maintain the immune system, fight bacteria and viral infections, and beneficial for healthy skin and eyes.

2. Vitamin D: For growth and bone health in order to remain healthy and strong (very good for children in the growth process).
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That Reproductive Health Investments

The population of Indonesian women earning more than men. This means that the woman is a resource that supports the advancement of Indonesia. Therefore, women should be aware that he is a worthwhile investment.

Investment is not only in material capital but rather social capital, physical, psychological and mental. Established social investment include improved quality of life for women in education, reproductive health and family planning.

Why is the quality of life of women’s education should be improved? According to some experts, the lower the intelligence gene to their children are women. Therefore, education for women is very important that he has a sufficient level of knowledge so that it can intelligently raising her children.

Meanwhile, with the increasing knowledge of women it also increases the knowledge on how to maintain their reproductive health so that babies conceived and born of the best quality.
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Stomach Average Business Need

Women would always pay attention to her appearance. One of the things that often make women feel less confident are imperfections on the body. The word ‘obesity’ was once a kind of intimidating for them.

While many ways have been done to reduce the production of excess fat that often appears when wearing clothing that fits in the body, but still did not move at all fat. Even many of those who feel hopeless and depressed with a futile effort.

If you also feel the same way, you should try to check whether your diet so far is correct. Here is an easy way to help your stomach to shrink and expel excess fat there.

A small bowl
Eat a small bowl to use will allow you to measure the intake of food that works well for the ability of the stomach. Conversely, if you eat using a bowl or large container, then the desire to eat more would be getting out of control and cause actual excess fat stored in the abdomen.

Sit properly
Sitting position that bends will make your stomach look folded, you should sit in an upright position. Besides being able to hide the belly doubled, sitting in an upright position and it can also keep your stomach muscles tight. Continue reading “Stomach Average Business Need”

Acne (Acne Vulgaris)

Acne (acne vulgaris) can be a sign that a person is experiencing puberty. However, not all people with acne must be puberty or adolescence are not necessarily acne. Acne can occur due to hormonal changes and accumulation of fat in the skin tissues that trigger acne. Therefore, the cleanliness of the face should be kept clear of acne.

Those who have stepped puberty usually have experienced acne. In the medical world, acne is known as acne vulgaris, is a chronic inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicles (one of the glands in the skin) are accompanied by a blockage or accumulation of keratin and is characterized by the presence of blackheads, pustules, nodules, and cysts.
Acne usually occurs in men and women who stepped on the onset of puberty, the age group 15-19 years (about 90%). Acne-affected area of ​​the body not only in the face, but also the shoulders, chest, back, and upper arms.

Many factors can cause acne among others? Genetic factors, hormones work?, Dietary factors, the activity of the sebaceous gland itself, the psychological factor, the influence of season, bacterial infection (Propionibacterium acnes), the use of cosmetics, and other chemicals.
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Composition Rules Of Third For More Pictures Tasty eyes of

The composition rules of thirds is one of the principles of photographic composition the best known and most popular for the majority of fans photographing portraits. Rule composition is a foundation for the balance of picture elements so that the overall picture looks more delicious.
In the photo’s composition, rules of thirds is just one of the many other principles of composition. And each of these principles is not mandatory lived, but to be creative, one must know the rules say only able to break it.
What is the composition rules of thirds?
In the rules of thirds, photo field is divided into three equal parts both vertically and horizontally so that you have 9 equal area. Thus, we now have a four-point meeting.

The four points are colored red above meeting can be referred to as a four-point eye. Well thirds rules of composition theory tells us that if we put a “point of interest” aka the most exciting part of a picture at one point, then the whole picture will be more balance and unsightly.
Not all four points must be completed simultaneously, just one. And elements of a point of interest can be either an object or an inanimate object human picture.
In design science stated that when viewing an image, the human eye is naturally drawn to one point above the midpoint of the center than in the photos. So the picture drawn by the composition rules of thirds better eyes because in line with the way our eyes see it.
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Beauty Tips For Busy Women

There are many ways to create and maintain beautiful and healthy skin. But many of us do not have enough time to do it, especially when a full day with a work activity. Thus, it does not mean you can not do your beauty treatments.

Begin taking a little time to do the simple beauty treatments without having to disrupt your activities. Obviously we still want to look beautiful and charming (especially women).

Following these simple beauty tips for healthy skin and beauty care for busy women.

1. Wash your face twice a day morning and evening, no matter how tired you are. be sure to use a facial cleanser that is not adapted to your skin type with body soap. Use a skin moisturizer, because it is very good for the skin soft and younger looking.

2. Know your skin type because it is very important in choosing beauty products, to avoid mistakes in choosing a product that will actually make the skin more damaged.
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A cold, Recognize Symptoms

The number of daily activities performed definite effect on the human body. Therefore, many articles that discuss the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise to compensate for the depletion of energy and mind. Many people who utilize vitamins to support his body remains in excellent condition.

Some of the diseases that often strike so you feel less fit body and mind less focused. Symptoms such as abdominal bloating, fever, headache, and sneezing often overlooked. In fact, this condition can worsen and invites other diseases. Modern lifestyle nowadays also often trigger colds. Here are some habits that cause the symptoms of colds whack your body, as quoted from the Prevention of Indonesia.

Lack of sleep
The amount of work and often go home the night can make you more time to rest a little, then do not be surprised if stamina also decreases. This result is evident from a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to a statement from the researchers, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, sleep deprivation can disrupt the body’s immune system and ability to fight viruses that cause disease.
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Determine Face Shape Shape bun

In a great show titled national or other official, the women are usually synonymous with the use of a bun in their hair look, especially at a party attended by important people. Bun hairstyle is certainly capable of giving a distinct impression and make your appearance can seem more different.

According Andiyanto, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist expert, everyone has different facial structures and not all bun suitable applied on each face. For maximum results, the lack of the face can be camouflaged by applying proper bun. To get a bun that suits your facial structure, check out the following tips from Andiyanto.

Face width

Women who have a wide face structure should be put on the bottom bun. Do not pull the hair up, because it will make the face look wider. In order to get an impression of more gaunt, half ear cover with her hair and give volume at the center of the head to give the illusion of a long chin.
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6 Benefits Photographing in RAW Format

In the article on RAW vs. JPEG we already know and understand fundamentally what are the advantages / disadvantages of each file format. Well in this article we will discuss in more detail specific and what are the benefits if we shoot in RAW format
There are six major advantage if you shoot RAW format, please:

1. White Balance Can Edited
When shooting with the RAW, the camera will not be messing about with setting the white balance of a photo. A photo will be direct sent from the sensor to the memory card without touching the camera and change anything.
White balance will only be applied when you export a file using sort Lightroom RAW converter. What it means is that we can change the white balance setting to anything after you finish shooting.
This is quite helpful when we are shooting in conditions with complex light and temperature change (read how to set custom white balance on the camera), so it is easy to make corrections while editing on the computer. Plus, when using RAW format, change the white balance will not result in artifacts like if you change the white balance a JPEG file as below:
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