Research: Too Controlling Parents Make Kids So Naughty

Parents often feel they know everything so that the right to control the child. However, recent studies have shown, attitude of the parents will actually make your child grow up to be a bad boy.

The study was conducted by Rick Trinkner and colleagues and published in the Journal of Adolescence. In his research, analyze attitudes Trinkner students junior and senior high school in New Hampshire Youth. The students who were interviewed were asked to fill out questionnaires for 18 months. The question in the study was about how their parenting style discipline, students view the history of her parents and their naughty attitude.

In that study, three styles of parents in educating their children were:

1. Parents discipline but also do not forget to provide warmth and affection.
2. Parents are enforcing discipline and no warmth.
3. Parents quite permissive, giving much love and no discipline.
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Working Mom Can Be a Good Example for Kids

Working mothers often suffers guilt for leaving the child. But now the anxiety did not seem to happen anymore. Recent research shows working mothers actually feel what they are doing could be a good example for children.

The research was conducted by the website involving 1,000 mothers working in America as a respondent. From the research it was revealed, the more the mother enjoys her career as well as his duty to take care of the family.

64% of respondents said that their work does not preclude being a good mother. Half of the respondents also expressed by working to make them feel it’s a good example for their children. Eight out of 10 mothers also greatly enjoyed their role as working parents.

CEO of, Sheila Marcelo said the research, made ​​the company’s proven, most mothers love to be a role model for her children. They also become more creative and motivated as a working parent.

TodaysMom event that discusses the survey results, adding survey proves that now more and more women who no longer feel guilty for a career as well as taking care of children. And once the guilt often dominate.
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Yoga for Physical and Psychological Health

With the growing popularity of yoga in the world, maybe you’ve heard about the power of healing and what kind of diseases can be cured. However, according to some yoga teachers, almost all diseases can be cured by yoga is all about control and alignment of all the things that attach to the body.

However, if a medical reason the main reason for doing yoga should consult with your doctor first because in yoga there are movements that will affect your practice.

Here are the benefits of yoga to cure heart disease, depression, and build you.

Reduce the risk of heart attack
Yale University School of Medicine have found that yoga is proven to reduce the risk of heart attack. Studies conducted by Satish Sivasankaran, MD, (in Peck, 2004) suggest that the practice of yoga at least three times a week will lower the blood pressure and heart rate. This is because yoga makes your blood vessels more flexible, so that the contract can be better. Blood vessels to contract properly can cause blood flow to be smooth and the blockage becomes eroded. Continue reading “Yoga for Physical and Psychological Health”

Recipe Secrets to Keep Skin whiteness

A variety of skin whitening products are available in the market. However you can also try natural homemade recipes you know. Besides the cheap, this recipe is obviously much safer because without preservatives. Let’s see how to make these recipes as reported by Quick Easy Fit this.

Lemon juice, cucumber, and turmeric

Combine all three ingredients to rub into the skin. Allow a half hour, then rinse with warm water. For maximum results, use natural mask once a week.

Important tips: Do not apply the mask on broken skin. Because lemons are acidic and may irritate worse.

Sandalwood powder, lemon juice, cucumber juice and tomato juice

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Efficacy Conditioner For Hair

Some people think that a beautiful woman can be seen from the hair. Good with short hair styles or long, it would be more appropriate statements about the health of the hair will certainly support the appearance of a person.

Conditioner is not included in the hygiene products are the main body, which is why often overlooked and deemed unimportant. Another issue concerning about conditioners are some women are using hair conditioner so they look even more limp and thin.

Many also believed that the conditioner does not deliver results as promised when used on colored hair. Are you experiencing the same thing? If so, then consider some of these tips to use a conditioner as desired.

Half of it
These tips are most often informed , which do not apply conditioner to the base of the hair. Because conditioner will give additional weight to the hair and cause it to look limp and thin. Apply it from the middle to the ends of hair.

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Generating Activities spirit with Yoga

Fun activity started up refreshed and happy. However, traffic congestion, work piling up, and a few other Things the make us stress. One an alternative to restore the sagging spirit is by doing yoga.

Fun anymore, According to Yudhi Widyantoro, yoga instructor from the Yoga House, Jakarta, as quoted by the health magazine, yoga can be done by anyone. It’s just for women who are pregnant or have certain diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, it is better done under the supervision of a yoga instructor.

This exercise should be done when the stomach is empty. So, do not eat at least 3 hours before exercise and just be eating a half hour later. For optimal results, do yoga at least 1 time a day.

Originally done properly, in the long term yoga has many benefits for our bodies, Including health promotion, free from stress and depression, Rejuvenate the skin, improving bad habits as Easily panic or emotion, help the body recognize and learn to treat your body’s power . Here are the movements:
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The Mandatory Held jewelery Women

Besides alloy fashion, hair and make-up to enhance the appearance, accessories also an important thing can not be separated from each woman. Accessories jewelry is often used, because it can make a more beautiful and luxurious.

Times are constantly changing not make jewelry must continue to follow the fashion trends every year. You also do not need to wear jewelry that arose following the latest trends, due to the classic design can still be fixed in accordance with the performance.

Although not a few women who do not like wearing jewelry, it is actually a mandatory accessories they have. In fact, according to Kendra Scott, founder and CEO of Kendra Scott Jewelry, no jewelry should be owned by every woman. What are some of the jewelry, see the following description is quoted from GalTime.

Dangly earrings
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Factors Minimize Bounce Rate Online Store

Bounce Rate is the percentage of the number of visitors who immediately leave a website or blog when he had opened a page. Either by direct close the tab, accessing another URL, etc.. The value of Bounce Rate can be known through various statistical programs. One of them is Google Analytic. If your website is listed on Google Analytic early on, then the administrator dashboard you’ll instantly appear Bounce Rate statistics that have been calculated by Google.

We certainly do not want visitors just leave our online store. For visitors who interest with the products we sell at least also have to look the other pages that are interested in making a transaction. Hence, Bounce Rate a website should be minimized as much as possible. How? Here I show you some of the factors that affect Bounce Rate is based on our experience managing
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Shown Beautiful with Dress Corsett

You must already know that women are given the gift of an edge in the fashion business. So many choices of clothing that can be combined with any shape matching body possessed by each woman. That’s why women’s fashion trends are always changing and follow the developments in each year.

Fashion trend of women in the modern era to bring back corset dress that was once popular in Celtic times. By accentuating the beauty of curves at the waist and chest, corset dress comes with a piece of rigid framing of the female body. If the corset is generally used as an insert female fashion, the corset dress is part of the rigid frame is raised outside, decorated with various ornaments to clarify each of her curves.

For those of you who want to look bold and sensual, but without the need to show the exposed body parts, then the dress is a corset models could be an option. Quoted from Vemale, here are some tips to unite macth.

Choose the right corset dress
You need to consider first is the selection of corset dress size. That’s because the location of the beauty of the corset dress is on the curve of the body, the size must fit properly with your body. Note also the hips, because this section that usually appear ‘broken’ because corset fitting at the waist, but not at the hip.
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Heating Required Before Doing Yoga

Yoga is not just if the body to cope with stress, fatigue or back pain. Specifically, yoga emphasizes control over the activities of the body, senses and mind. Good thoughts, good body needs anyway. Both should be treated and controlled to keep it healthy and sustainable.

To obtain the benefits of yoga actually, as reported by the orbits of spiritual meditation and yoga, there are eight steps that must be performed or tiered Astangga called Yoga. Here are eight stages of yoga in disciplining the body and mind,

YAMA, which includes abstinence abstinence means to hurt other creatures, both in thoughts, words, and perbuatan.Pantang err, never steal, never indulgence in lust and never had the rights of others.

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